Maximize Your Traffic By Finding The Right Keywords

Using proprietary techniques, we do in-depth research and find the exact keywords that bring you the most traffic. Unlike other SEOs, we don’t just target one or two main keywords, we find a wide variety of question keywords, related keywords and alternate keywords to make sure we wring every ounce of traffic potential out of our content.

Content Written And Optimized By Our In-House Writers

For digital media companies, boosting organic traffic requires creating a LOT of highly-optimized on-page content. We have a large team of trained writers who specialize in pop-culture and tabloid style writing. Our content doesn’t just rank well, it keeps readers interested and engaged and adds value to your website.

Grow Your Network, Secure Sponsors, and Boost Your Profit

Our services will completely skyrocket the value of your website. Increasing your organic traffic has a lasting effect on the authority of your network, making you more attractive to sponsors and advertisers. Aside from developing your partnership acquisition strategy, putting effort into your SEO is the single most long-term profitable thing you can do for your website.

Steve Toth
Founder of SEO Notebook

I’ve been a client of The Copy Company for two years now and I’ve been consistently pleased with their work. Their knowledge of on-page SEO is extremely high, to the point where their evergreen content grew the client’s blog from 0 to 15,000 clicks per month in less than a year. I highly recommend working with Matthias’ team as they have been nothing but professional. 5 stars!

Andrew Ansley
Director of Content and Communications at Wesley Financial Group, LLC

Matthias and his team are incredible content partners. I’ve used his team for 3 or 4 years and I’ve used them for SaaS companies, local SEO clients, and I’ve used their content for sites competing with behemoths such as Nerd Wallet.
His team once wrote a 12,000 page SEO Guide for me that went viral purely based on the quality of the guide. It was the most impressive work I’ve ever seen from a content agency.

Bryan Rainey
Founder & CEO of Topic Flip

Matthias and The Copy Company have always delivered quality SEO content for our clients. And if you’re in the SEO niche, you know it’s hard enough to find good writers who know what they’re doing – never mind those that are SEO trained as well! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Matthias and the team over last year and look forward to many more successes.

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